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After several years of development ‘Tyros Magic’ brings you an incredible way to enhance your instrument.


The idea behind ‘V-Console’ was to create a true organ-style instrument from a Tyros 5, following in the footsteps of the amazing Electone range of Yamaha organs. However, the project has gone much further and provides everyone, even those working with just the main keyboard on its own, a new level of flexibility and ease of use. Put simply, it makes setting up your own registrations both quicker and easier.


V-Console is currently available for Tyros 4, Tyros 5, CVP-609 and CVP-709 Clavinova. Other models are going to be supported very soon. The next flagship workstation for Yamaha will be supported and registered users will receive an update for it on request once it is available. 


Includes exclusive 'V-Console Showcase' registration set of over 100 registrations. Tyros 4, 5 and CVP709 only.

Get started with V-Console

Choose between the software only version and the full kit. The software only version is ready to install on your own Windows tablet or PC. The full kit includes a Windows tablet with the software pre-installed and all the necessary cables to connect everything together. Both versions give you a lifetime user licence so if you change your tablet or PC you can install and register V-Console on your new device.


If you choose the software version you may like to take advantage of the special 'cable kits'. These include all the necessary connectors between your windows tablet or PC and the keyboard(s) in your setup. There are different kits available for single, single plus pedals, dual keyboards (without pedals), and dual keyboards with pedals. Use the 'choose cable kit' button below for more details.

Software version

Software to install V-Console on your own PC or Tablet.

V-Console Software (Download Only) 

V-Console Software (Boxed Version) 

add a 'Cable Kit' to your order...  

V-Console can be installed on any Windows PC or Tablet running Windows XP, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. A processor speed of 1GHz or higher is recommended. Please contact us if you would like confirmation that your system is ready for the program.


  • 10-inch touch screen operation*
  • Eight extra complete voice parts
  • Virtual ‘Tabs’ for switching parts on and off
  • Key range setting available for every part
  • ACMP on/off switch for using Lower keyboard (including key range)
  • All original voices of main instrument available for each part
  • Detailed voice setting control using virtual sliders
  • Organ Flutes - full set of drawbars for all 8 parts. Store up to 128 user drawbar presets.
  • Velocity sensitivity control and switching between parts
  • Complete keyboard re-mapping available for every part
  • Store your own registrations – up to 128 in memory at once
  • Unlimited registration data file storage either on the tablet or USB stick
  • No effect on operation of main instrument
  • Includes an exclusive 'V-Console Showcase' registration set when used with Tyros 5, Tyros 4 and CVP-709
* touchscreen tablet PC required.

Full Kit

Including Tablet PC, Cables and V-Console installed and ready to go.

V-Console - Full Kit (within UK)

V-Console - Full Kit (outside UK)

V-Console adds eight complete voice sections or parts that can be coupled to any of the keyboards or pedals - even all at the same time. You can also include the existing parts on the main keyboard in your settings, giving up to 12 parts to play with!


Any voice can be chosen for each of the eight parts. The settings for each part can be finely controlled by the touch screen. You can also assign a key range for each part to create multiple ‘splits’ around the keyboards and pedals.


To layer the parts, simply switch them on and off using traditional ‘tab’ buttons. If you can remember how simple the traditional tab-based organs were then it gives you an idea of how simple V-Console is to use.


Registrations can be stored in V-Console in the same way as on the keyboard and then the two are linked together so that whenever you choose a registration on the main keyboard the corresponding console setup is recalled.


Playing the styles on the Tyros is simple. Just use the ACMP on/off button to control the style from the lower manual. If you like you can also set a key range for playing chords. This is more than just a split point. This means you can set a range of keys for playing chords and make full use of the rest of the lower manual for playing any other sound combination you want. This can be anywhere you like on the keyboard.


An important point is that you can still play your main keyboard as before. V-Console does not affect the operation in any way. You can load all your existing registration settings and simply add what you want from V-Console. You can even just simply bypass V-Console if you like.


If you choose the full kit version of V-Console, it is supplied with everything you need to enjoy it to the full. The tablet, with V-Console pre-loaded and ready to play, is connected to the main keyboard using a single USB cable supplied. If you have a pedalboard and/or second keyboard then all the necessary cables and interfaces are included as well. There is a USB stick for the main keyboard and a comprehensive user guide is provided complete with detailed instructions for setting everything up. In addition there are 100 example registrations for you to try so that you can instantly benefit from the wonderful sound combinations that are possible with V-Console.

Press articles...

Hardware (full kit)

V-Console Tablet PC

Operating System: Windows 10 Home (optimized for V-Console)

Screen: 10.1” 16:10, 10-Point Capacitive Touch Panel.

Processor: Quad Core Intel Atom Z3735F, 1.33 GHz – 1.83GHz

Ram: 2GB DDR3

Internal Storage: 32GB eMMC

External Storage: 16GB SDHC UHS-I Card

Connectors: 2 x full size USB sockets, 1 x micro USB charging socket


Other Connectors included in full kit (also available as cable kits).

4-Port Powered USB 3.0 Hub

USB 3.0 Extension Cable

USB MIDI Interface

USB Male A to Male B Cable (3m)

USB Flash Drive 4GB x2

5V 2A Power Adapter x2 (for tablet and USB hub)



Voice Parts: 8

Part On/Off: 8 x Upper, 8 x Lower, 8 x Pedal

ACMP(Lower) On/Off

Transpose: +/- 12


Registration Memory

Registration Memory Buttons: 8 (name or number display)

Bank Select: 16 Banks

Registration Data File Memory: Tablet Capacity 12GB (approx. 1500 files), External USB (Variable: 1GB = 125 Files)


Voice Map: Tyros 4, Tyros 5, CVP-709

Voice Map Capacity: 5120 Voices

Expansion and user voice capture


Voice Set Controls (Per Part): Volume, Pan, Filter Brightness, Filter Harmonic Content, EG Attack, EG Release, Reverb Depth, Chorus Depth, Variation Effect Depth, Octave Shift (+/- 2), Couplers: Sub and Super Octave, Key Range Set (C-2 to G8), Key Map (re-assign any key), Key Shift (+/- 11), Detune (+/- 12.7 cents), Vibrato (Speed, Depth, Delay), Mono/Poly, Portamento Switch, Portamento Time, EQ High, EQ Low, DSP On/Off, DSP Control, DSP Dry/Wet, Touch Sense Depth, Touch Sense Offset, Minimum Velocity, Maximum Velocity, Key Mode (Polyphonic, Last Note, Highest Note, Lowest Note), Controller Switch (Expression, Sustain, Pitch Bend, Modulation, Articulation 1, Articulation 2, Brightness).

Organ Flutes, seperate set of Drawbars for all 8 parts. 128 user-assignable drawbar presets.

Controller Assign: Performance (Expression, Sustain, Pitch Bend, Modulation, Articulation 1, Articulation 2, Brightness, Expression>Brightness Link), Preset Change (Up, Down), Data Entry, Style Control (Start/Stop, Fill – Self, Up, Down, Break, Ending – I, II, III), MIDI Reset

Global Touch Sense: Upper Depth, Upper Offset, Lower Depth, Lower Offset, Pedal Depth, Pedal Offset.



MIDI Input Devices x 3

MIDI Output Devices x 2

Classic Mode: On/Off

Bypass Mode: On/Off

Upper Channel Select, Lower Channel Select, Pedal Channel Select, Controller Mode: Single, Single + Pedals, Dual + Pedals

Auto MIDI Setup, Display Format Adjust, USB Drive Selector.

Power-up time: approx. 80 seconds

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