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Classical Spectacular

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Registration software for ​
Yamaha Genos, Tyros 5, Tyros 4, PSR-SX900, PSR-SX700, ​
CVP-709 & CVP-609
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900 & 700

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A fabulous collection of Classical Orchestral registrations ready to play.



Classical Spectacular features 64 classical orchestral registration settings. There are huge crescendos to give a big professional sound and delicate solo instruments with the perfect accompaniment all ready to play. Each of the six banks of the set covers a different era in the history of Classical music from Baroque to Romantic, from Bach to Puccini.



In the two special ‘Style Match’ banks a selection of the registrations have been paired with just the right style to create an effective ready-made performance.



All the registrations are truly orchestrated ensuring great balance of tone and colour. They are, of course, suitable for many kinds of music but especially Classical.



No expansion memory is required just plug and play!


'Classical Spectacular' is part of 'Registration Collection Vol.1'. See the special bundle deal below.



Special Bundle Offer 

Buy 'Registration Collection Vol.1' and receive all five registration sets together and save up to £49.95 

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