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Classical Organ Showcase

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Registration software for
Yamaha Genos, Tyros 5, Tyros 4, PSR-SX900, PSR-SX700,
​CVP-709 & CVP-609
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900 & 700

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The King of Instruments for your PSR-SX, Genos, Tyros or CVP!

From pure solo stops to majestic ensembles, you'll feel like you are in a huge cathedral.


Classical Organ Showcase blends all the great pipe organ sounds already available with some specially edited voices to give you 48 superb registrations covering the entire dynamic range of a Classical Organ. No expansion memory is required just plug and play!


'Classical Organ Showcase' is part of 'Registration Collection Vol.1'. See the special bundle deal below.


Banks 1 and 2 are dedicated to Hymns and Chorales, providing really useful registrations perfect for church music.


Banks 3 and 4 provide a beautiful array of solo stops for melodic playing which is suitable for many styles of music.


Banks 5 and 6 are for show-piece organ works and voluntaries - great for Bach or Widor.


Special Note for PSR-SX700, Tyros 4 & CVP-609 Classical Organ Showcase.

The video demo is recorded on the Tyros 5. A major difference between this, and the models listed, is the additional Organ World on the Tyros 5. This includes some brand new classical pipe organ samples that are not available. Of course, these new samples help to give the registrations on Classical Organ Showcase more realism.


Specially edited voices and effects have been used to replace the 'missing' voices and recreate the effect of every registration for the Tyros 5. 


Theseregistrations are probably the best Classical Organ simulation possible with the on-board voices. If you like Classical Organ music then we're sure you will be delighted with this product whatever keyboard you have.

Special Bundle Offer 

Buy 'Registration Collection Vol.1' and receive all five registration sets together and save up to £49.95 

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