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Tyros Magic Jazz Legends Registration Software for Tyros 5. The essence of real jazz music.

Jazz Legends (TyrosMagic) - Download Only

  • The essence of real Jazz Music From a beautiful slow ballad to bouncing Dixieland, ‘Jazz Legends’ captures the essence of real jazz music.Even though the solo sounds in the Tyros are incredibly realistic, every jazz musician has their own ‘sound’ so extensive voice editing has been used to provide a varied selection of solo instrument sounds that are full of character to use in the registrations. In addition, the amazing ‘Ensemble’ function on the Tyros 5 has been extensively used to reproduce the subtle nuance of musicians playing together. You can hear the same careful balance of tone and harmony when the sounds combine that you would hear in real life. All you have to do is play the sounds to enjoy a new level of realism. There are 64 registrations split between 8 banks. Each bank is dedicated to a different jazz rhythm style. With 8 balanced registrations for each style you can easily create instant arrangements on the fly. No expansion memory is required and no special installation techniques are needed… just plug and play.