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900 & 700

For PSR-S series software, please go to the PSR-Magic website... 

Welcome to Tyros Magic from Bee Software!


We have been producing top quality keyboard software for over 20 years. The products include a range of simple-to-use registration software for the amazing Yamaha Digital Workstations. 

Creating great registrations is like fine cuisine – even with the best ingredients it takes knowledge and skill to blend everything together correctly. With these fabulous products all the hard work has been done for you so you can enjoy just playing your instrument. Even though they include some specially edited voices and effects, you do not need any expansion memory – simply plug and play. 


Tyros Magic registrations are available for Genos, Tyros 5, Tyros 4, CVP-709, CVP-609, PSR-SX900 and PSR-SX700. 


All products are available to buy as download versions as well as boxed versions with a significant saving if you buy the download only version. If you order the boxed version you will receive the software on a 2GB USB stick.

Bee Software also produces the fabulous Key-Tab arrangements - sheet music combined with the best registration software available. Visit for more information. 

And, of course, Bee Software has created V-Console - a fabulous tablet-based system to add a new dimension to your music. Have a look at the V-Console page to find out more.

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New! Version 2.1 

NEW! Version 2.3


'Classical Magic' is a collection of 15 well-loved classical pieces specially arranged for Genos, Tyros 4 & 5, and PSR-S and SX Series keyboards using the brand new Key-Tab format.


The music comes in the form of a 85 page book with guidance notes.


There is a set of registrations for each piece, using all the incredible facilities available - from custom styles to ensemble voices and harmony - bringing the original score to life by just playing one note in the right hand and chords in the left.

Registration Collection Vol.1


Classical Spectacular


Famous Names


Theatre Organ Showcase


Classical Organ Showcase


Big Band Showcase

Registration Collection Vol.2


Orchestral Pops Showcase


Euro Pop Organ Showcase


Drawbar Organ Showcase


Latin Legends


Ballroom Bonanza

Registration Collection Vol.3

Broadway Songbook Covershot.png

Broadway Songbook

Ballad Heaven Covershot.jpg

Ballad Heaven

Brass & Military Band Covershot.jpg

Brass & Military Band Showcase

Country Legends Covershot.png

Country Legends

Pop & Rock Collection Covershot.jpg

Pop & Rock Collection

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